A shop visit with an extra dimension

FairPrice is the largest retail chain in Singapore. It launched its first loyalty campaign for its FairPrice Xtra hypermarkets in cooperation with Cartamundi Asia Pacific in the summer of 2018. Our Asian colleagues proposed combining a physical card collection with a mobile app.

Cartamundi Digital rose to the challenge and designed a two-part mobile app. The first part consists of a scavenger hunt in the hypermarkets, during which customers scan stickers on the floor to discover and collect animals. The second part makes use of collectable cards that can be used to play games in the app and unlock extra elements.

An educational scavenger hunt in a shop

Ten different stickers could be found on the floors of every FairPrice Xtra department store. The stickers feature the biotope of certain animals, like a forest, a meadow or a mountainous terrain. When customers scan the stickers with their smartphone, an animal appears on their screen. Motivated visitors can discover the countless “hidden” animals like this and add them to their digital collection.

New animals can be discovered every week by scanning the various stickers. This means that customers who want to collect all the animals have to visit the shop at least once a week. Additionally, every customer to complete this weekly challenge is eligible to win an attractive prize.

Fair Price Xtra Animals - Product afbeelding

Fun extras

To use the second part of the application, customers need to use the collectable cards. These are contained in the flowpacks customers get at the cash register. The number of flowpacks depends on the purchase amount. Visitors to the shop can then scan their animal cards via image recognition and unlock extra content in the app to watch videos, listen to sounds, see images or view additional information about the animals. The app also contains an overview showing customers which physical cards they already have in their collection.

The digital sticker module makes use of dot-2-dot technology. Users select a background from the gallery onto which they “stick” their digital stickers by holding the card against the screen with two fingers and tapping the dots in the right sequence. Players can save their results and share them with friends and family members.

In addition to the above, we also created a digital scavenger hunt that needed x-ray cards. In this game, the players have to find certain animals within a set time limit. They can choose from three different settings, each of which features different animals. By holding two fingers on the transparent card and moving it across the screen, various animals can be discovered. An audible signal indicates that they are in the vicinity of an animal. If you succeed in finding all the animals before time runs out, you win the game.

Fair Price Xtra Animals - Product afbeelding

Infinite fun playing with animals

Cartamundi Digital created a campaign for FairPrice Xtra in which the physical and the digital worlds mesh seamlessly, using a combination of innovative techniques that add an extra layer of experience to customers’ reality and their FairPrice Xtra shop visit.

Would you like to find out how the application of digital technology can add an extra dimension to your traditional loyalty campaign and subsequently create added value for your customers or your brand? Don’t hesitate to contact us!

Fair Price Xtra Animals - Product afbeelding