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What is more fun than playing a game with family and friends? The answer is easy:  Playing personalised games with family and friends!

Our MyGames platform allows your customer to fully customise a family game, based on a given template, with an easy-to-use online interface. Depending on the type of template, customers can easily change the look and feel of their game by manipulating different parameters, uploading their pictures or adding their own text.

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Tabletop Games are booming

Our daily lives are dominated by digital and impersonal communication. Families, kids and friends are looking for new ways to socialise with each other. Millennials are driving the tabletop games revival. They have grown up compensating their lack of perspective with toys and games from their careless youth. Games are a cheap and social activity for millennials. It became an alternative for partying and drinking. How fast technology may evolve, play will always remain the key to happiness.

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